How to Pick a Healthy Rat

Having worked in animal retail myself (unfortunately) I can tell you first person that it is very important to know the signs of a healthy animal whenever you decide to get any pet. In general, pets in pet stores or even the ones up for adoption are usually not kept in the best of conditions. … [Read more…]

Who to Take Home? Male and Female Rats

Now that we have everything you need for your ratty- how do you actually choose one (or two or five) to take home with you? Of course there are an infinite number of colors, ear styles, and sizes but personality, health and gender are more pressing issues to consider before appearance. First important decision- males … [Read more…]

Rat Cages


One of the first questions that a new rat owner has is what do we keep it in? Do we buy a cage? Build one? Let it run free? Here are a few guidelines to get you on the right track. If you decide to go the easy way and buy a cage, make sure … [Read more…]